The Technologies That Are Transforming The World

As a continuation from a previous article that was dished out on some of the major global issues trends and trends that continue to shape our world and society, I’ve managed to compile a list of some of the technologies that will have profound impacts on our lives in the future. Not delving deeply into the mechanisms of the tech itself, let’s dive into some of them.

1. Automation. Huge tech indeed. Think of robots, machines, automated processing, all designed to alleviate and minimize human input where necessary. Automation will have a significant impact on jobs, manufacturing industries and alter the way in which products and services are catered.

2. Artificial Intelligence (A.I). The most transformative, if not the biggest and most revolutionary tech evolutions we’ll experience in our lifetime. A.I will have a gargantuan impact on many industries worldwide, including on the human race itself. A.I is developing at breakneck speed and the rate in which it advances at will shock most, as the wonders of what AI is capable of unveils overtime. The potential of A.I cannot be understated and underestimated.

3. Neurotechnology. Our brain and nervous system can be interesting, yet wildly complex and enigmatic to comprehend. With advances in neurotech and innovations such as neurochips, we can better understand the brain function, visualize its process and monitor or modulate neural activity.

4. Blockchain Technology. Another revolutionary tech that will transform global ecosystems and industries around the world. Think of crypto assets, tokenization, smart contracts, decentralized applications/exchanges, DLTs and NFTs. This is rife for mainstream adoption which we believe will help power the ethos of decentralization, by transferring the ‘power’ from centralized entities to individuals. Given blockchain interoperability, development in the space is impossible to keep up with. Just take a look at the crypto space as an exemplar.

5. 5G & The Internet of Things. 5G, the new standard for cellular networks that will deliver a revolutionary combination of speed, energy efficiency and responsiveness is set to power the IoT. Think smart cars, smart homes and smart futuristic cities, devices that can ‘talk’ and connect with one another.

6. Virtual & Augmented Reality. This seems to be the talk in town as it pertains to the burgeoning of the Metaverse, which is considered to be the next big thing within the digital realm. The potential of AR itself is evident in popular games such as Pokémon GO as it allowed millions to visualize and capture Pokémon anchored in a real-world environment. VR rhythm games such as Beat Saber allows individuals to enter a futuristic based virtual world while slashing the beats of adrenaline pumping music as they flow towards them. As AR & VR advances, we can expect the digital world to provide us with an experience that emits a more ‘realistic and sensory feel akin to that experienced in the physical world.

7. Web 3.0 (Decentralized Data Storage and Privacy). As media bias and censorship became prevalent in the recent years, thanks to ironically technology, there has been ongoing developments and innovation towards building web 3 decentralized protocols that allows individuals to control their own data and maintain their sovereignty without having to face threats from centralized entities who could shut them down on a whim. Think of projects such as Filecoin, Arweave, Polkadot, Ocean Protocol, Helium, Despite the reality of Web 3 sounding improbable, it’s still in its nascency, with lots of potential ahead.

8. Quantum Computing. Despite being one of the more complex topics that continues to bewilder us mortals, there is without a doubt that physics research and quantum computing have continued to enhance in development over the past years, empowering quantum computers to solve NP-hard problems and cracking encryption. This is one large powerful leap forward in the world of computing and its potential is immense.

9. Electric Vehicles and Shared Autonomous Vehicles. The concept of self-driving and eco-friendly cars are definitely not to be ignored, with adoption of the former not too far away, and the latter well underway in terms of market penetration. Think of Tesla, Amazon, Waymo, Einride, Gatik, Rivian and various other companies who are all conducting research and making headway in the space.

10. Green Technology (ESG). The environment and preserving it has always been a crucial aspect of human survival. As various forms of natural resources deplete due to overpopulation and overconsumption from previous years, it has always been the goal of the G7 to tackle the issue of climate change. As technology advances, it can be expected that innovation will allow us to develop ways which will more efficiently harness Earth’s resources while mitigating risks of environmental degradation.

11. AgTech (Digital Agricultre). The world and its 7.7+ billion population require food to survive. This is another growing area of innovation where the farms of tomorrow are built and supply chains enhanced to improve efficiency, profitability as well as sustainability. How food is grown, produced and consumed will vary in the coming years, and will definitely be an area to keep an eye out for.

12. Integrated Circuits (Semiconductors). Semiconductors are crucial in in today’s modern age of technology and powers your everyday electric appliances which ranges from computers, smart phones to televisions and many others. As the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a global shortage in semiconductor chips (or integrated circuits), countries are ramping up their R&D efforts in preparation for self-sufficiency by focusing on the onshore production of chips. How this plays out in a world headed for deglobalization is a trend to watch.

13. 3D Printing. Being able to create three-dimensional components from CAD models has admittedly always been a cool thing. Such technology possesses a range of myriad use cases, from the education sector to the construction and manufacturing industry. As the tech advances and explores the use of new materials, it is imminent that the use cases associated with 3D printing continues to increase and achieves larger adoption rates.

14. Robotics (Drones). Such innovation as we know it will be a game-changer for society and is likely to perform menial labor that humans perform on a daily basis. Some of the tasks that could be delegated to robots encompasses of search and rescue missions, manufacturing, mining, surgery, while drones on the other hand can assist with tasks such as information gathering, aerial photography, delivery services and others. As this sector matures alongside AI, the amount of potential it brings will be revolutionary.

15. Space Tech. Think of SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, whom are all trying to pursue their visions of space exploration. Humans like to transcend boundaries, and it’s absolutely fascinating to see the amount of R&D, talent and investments that is pouring into the space, trying to revolutionize space technology and providing space flights. What lies in the other galaxies and universe remains a mystery, a mystery that one day us curious humans will seek to discover through advancement in the space. (Pun intended)

16. Biometrics. Think of facial recognition, fingerprint, DNA, voice activation and other forms of human characteristics that can be used as means of authentication. It might sound scary and highly surveilling, but it’s inevitable that the future lies with biometric integration which will alter the way individuals interact with services, goods and areas where personal identification is required. This thought however poses the challenge of regulatory concerns and privacy over an individual’s rights and data.

17. Medical Tech and Biotech (Genomics). Advancements and breakthroughs in the medical field pertaining to technology is by far the most significant and biggest accomplishments of humans. With efforts directed towards the exploration of transhumanism and the field of genomics, the opportunity for humans to lead a healthier life is present. Life prolongation becomes a possibility, diseases could be detected and diagnosed at an earlier stage, illnesses could be cured using innovative forms of medical treatments while DNA itself could be engineered to prevent genetic disorders. These remain as just some potential examples that could result from the breakthrough of medical research and innovation. Afterall, health is wealth and nothing else really matters in this world if one is not able to enjoy it.

Never have our society and world experienced a confluence of the above trends/issues and major societal shifts, alongside a confluence of some of the world’s most revolutionary technologies that will fundamentally alter the way we live, act, think and go about our daily lives. As the world changes, the road ahead will be anything but smooth. No one can accurately predict the future. We can only use the present and the past to make wild predictions, but even then, we know that isn’t always indicative of the future. The future is what it is, and we’ll only discover how it’s like when we get there. What is crucial though is the need to develop a versatile mindset through the lens of a multifaceted perspective, which will ultimately allow us to embrace changes and steer through the uncertainty ahead. Thus, possessing an adaptable mindset is imperative to trudging through this futuristic world of ours.



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